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Continuation Option (Voluntary)

Does my insurance coverage end on the day I graduate?

No.   If you pay for spring/summer coverage, you are covered until August 31 even if you graduate in May. Students covered by the Student Health Plan may continue to use University Health Center after graduation for the remainder of the coverage period.  All benefits remain the same. 

What if I still need coverage after my plan terminates and I am no longer a Morgan State University student?

Good news!  A voluntary Student Health Continuation Plan is available for students enrolled in the Morgan State University Student Health Plan who have graduated or are taking a temporary leave from the university. If you are a student who has graduated this semester, or if you are losing coverage eligibility because you are no longer a registered student at Morgan State University, it is important to plan ahead for continuing health coverage.

Students who graduate in May or August have the option to enroll themselves and their dependents in the Continuation Plan after the termination date of their plan. Students and dependents are only eligible for this continuation plan if they have been on the plan for the policy year directly preceding graduation.

Dependents will not be permitted to be enrolled on the Continuation Plan unless they were insured on the Morgan State University Student Health Plan the previous semester.

Additional Information:

Please be advised, the continuation option does not apply to students who will be enrolling in a graduate program at Morgan State University during the fall of 2019.  

If you decide to obtain health insurance through another source and you need to provide proof of creditable coverage or documentation of a qualifying event, please send an email requesting this information to info@aisstudentinsurance.com.